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Om Agro Group Co omn

Om Agro Group Co

Om Agro Group co since 2000 Starting Buisness in 1500 Rs Since 2000 at C 75 MIDC waluj in 140 sqft Shop with lord Shiva blessings Name om pattern works mfg wodden Pattern manufacturing Buisness staring buisness 1 months Revuneu was 27600.00 Rs Than in 2004 Add new company om Alloy cast melting ferrous & non Ferrous Alloy casting company move in C61In MIDC waluj 1000 sqft Area working 5 top MNC company in 2009 company staring unit waluj steel Alloy cast pvt Ltd at MIDC Paithan on 27000 sqft plot works Ferrous Alloy cast melting after we start a plant 11000 sqft plant at MIDC shrirampur in year 2011 agriculture machine mfg this time we totally moved in in 2013 in Agriculture sector starting 7000 sqft at waluj om Agro Equipment we developed most Agri Inter cultivation machine in this 10 year and Group.

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